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I met a man on an airplane to Barcelona (FoundTravel Favorite)

Let’s call him ‘Oliver.’

It’s not his real name but his actual name is sort of old-fashioned like ‘Oliver’ and besides, he kept making me think “Please, sir, I want some more!”

But pinching a man’s heart is a bit harder than being one of Fagan’s pickpockets. At least I think so… Love and relationships are more Twist-y than even Dickens was able to tell.

Part of why I crave travel is the opportunities and possibilities that are walking down every cobbled street and every flowing river. I love the energy of sitting in an airport waiting area and meeting a stranger. Sometimes it’s just a nice way to pass the time. Sometimes you exchange business cards and you never hear from each other again. Sometimes you become Facebook friends.

But there’s always that possibility of that ‘one time.’

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