Time Warp

Coming to Amsterdam in winter is like a time warp for me... Back to my first visit 10 years ago. I was shocked by the grey and the biting wind, and marveled at every cobblestone, gable and character on the street.

Now I walk the streets as an A'dam veteran. Since my first walk along these canals I've bought and sold homes, divorced, emigrated from America, behaved like a local in Amsterdam, begun a business, eaten figs in Istanbul, tossed snow in Switzerland, written a novel, and danced under the full moon purple sky along the canals of France.

What a journey it has been.

I've lived in many spaces, traveled to many places.

But today.... The first time in Amsterdam since many moon moons and first time in a long time when I get to savor the feel of the city.... It tossed me back to wonder, the awe, the fascination, the hope, the dream, and the challenge of Amsterdam.

Maybe it's an excellent stop to acclimate before I move....to NEW Amsterdam ;)