Praise for My Father's Husband:

"My Father's Husband is a bitter-sweet page turner. The protagonist Celia embodies all of us, simultaneously vulnerable and brave trying to navigate love, family and personal challenges. My Father's Husband reads like a memoir of the every woman. On steroids. The breezy narrative and authentic story line stayed with me for weeks after I put it down. Love love loved it."
- Natalie Dixon

"This is a fantastic story about life, love, and family. It's visceral and emotional, and it vividly takes you through the ups and downs of Celia's life, yet it finds time to reflect and really makes you think about what is important in your own life. You won't be disappointed. I couldn't put it down once I started reading it."

“As I read this book, I felt the emotions of the characters: I loved, I hated, and I was swept away. The honesty of Elloise Bennett’s writing caused Celia to become my best friend, and all I wanted to do was help plan her wedding, travel with her to Amsterdam, and hug her in the end.  The language is also vivid: I dreamt I was in Amsterdam the night I read the chapters on Amsterdam. The book captures true and real emotions and will leave you feeling the same way as the characters.”
– E. K., English Adjunct Faculty, Point Loma Nazarene College


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