Why can't all beds be made equal?

Bed equality is not a hot topic... unless you are an expat.

Sometimes it feels like only a few months have passed since I left San Diego and moved to Amsterdam. And then reality swoops in and you realize that friends who were single when I lived in San Diego now are married with kindergartners!

Time flies.

This was brought 'home' to me this weekend when a shipment of my things came in. When I left San Diego I had no idea where I would land, so to speak. So I stored some things, sold some things, shipped some things, and even shipped some things that ended up stored.

I'm finally feel like I my landing gear is working, so this weekend I was opening boxes of things I haven't seen or touched in years.

First of - I am not a 'stuff' person. I am not a shopper, have learned things you buy become a hassle, and am ruthless about what I do keep. But it was lovely to see my 'stuff.'

Mostly books, kitchen things, houseware like sheets... it was like greeting old friends. Some of my books have traveled more than some people! Bought in London when I studied there, shipped to California, then to the Netherlands.

They have walked my journey with me.

Each spine held a memory, a moment, a thought. And unpacking them left me with a sense of nested security.

Until I got to the darn pillowcases and sheets!

WHY are beds different sizes all over the world??? It sounds like a stupid silly thing - but I FINALLY have with me my favorite set of flannel winter sheets,... and they are HUGE on my European bed.


You think you are used to the fact that it's harder to some things than back home - due to language, or... whatever... You think you are used to square instead of rectangular pillows. And then... you are reminded about the 'otherness' of your expat existence by facing pillow-case flap as the extra material doesn't quite settle when you cuddle into your favorite pillow.

It's a reminder of 'otherness,' of the fact that you have to work to fit.

First world, spoiled kid problems.

I guess I will just savor instead the fact that the stack of books next to the bed are old friends and lovers.