What books go in your suitcase this July?

Back in the day, I was one of those who had to carefully plan which 10 books to bring for my 4 day holiday :D

I still do that, partly because I never know when I am on wifi... and because I like the mix of hardcopy print books and my iPad.

One never can really get away from the feel of a real book.

But so now it's July and it's time for travelling, so... what are you tossing into your 'suitcase' to read? I'd love to know! Comment away!

And here's my top reads lately that I would highly recommend:

Boys in the Boat

By Daniel James Brown - Excellent read along the lines of "Unbroken" or "Seabiscuit." A little history, a little sport (I know! I was surprised I liked it too!) and a lot of humananity. I was reading it on the subway in NYC and couldn't help myself from exclaiming aloud, pumping an air fist.


By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - One of my absolute favorite writers. She has a strong female voice, immigrant voice, traveler voice, and voice of Africa. This book's focus on the main character's immigration to America, is tongue-in-cheek and fantastic. I kept thinking 'Yes, yes... that's right! That's how if feels/felt!'

Easter Parade

By Richard Yates - This was a recommendation from a friend... and it has led to my buying more of Yates' works. For a male writer whose work dated predominantly from the 50's and 60's, he nails the female mind and voice dead on. At least... my female mind. I loved the characters in this simple story. And I was shocked that the book didn't continue forever.

My Father's Husband: A Novel

Well... of COURSE it's in my suitcase! One never knows when a fan needs a signed copy! ;)

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