Sexy Lunch in the City with Friends

I'm sitting in a cafe in New York's West Village and there's two groups of women next to me ... Two French gals who are quietly and intensely rolling out beautiful pronunciations while elegantly sipping coffee.

And five American women ordering things like triple decaf espressos whole roaring in laughter over how they struggle to get their husbands up at 5am for sex and how awful the wedding of a 'close' friend was the previous weekend.

They were making plans for the summer that included things like switching each other's houses in The Hamptons or in Malibu.  Talk them shifted to deciding that they should all add onto their Bucket Lists things like having sex with a rock star.

I was just thinking that they were like an episode of Sex and the City... And then they must have heard me thinking that because they started comparing themselves to the women in that show and doling out roles... 'Well, then you must be Samantha!'

Part of me wanted to hold my hands over my ears at their brass loudness, which was defeated only by fire sirens passing on Bleeker Street.

Part of me was sad that I am sitting alone and missing MY set of great good friends. I was of course convinced that we'd be more like the elegant French gals...

And it made me think of Friends... If you watched television in the 90's or 2000's then you know STC and Friends.

My own friend group is a nice blend of the two.. People who are always there no matter what... Who challenge you and support you. Who drive you crazy and hurt you. Who wear turkeys on their heads to make you smile, and who are willing to meet yet ANOTHER new boyfriend even if he's composing overly romantic songs to your sparkly eyes on his piano.

They are both men and women. And no matter where I am in the world, I know I can pick up the phone or hit send on an email and it's like no time has passed.

They come from all walks of life and places. Some were my colleagues, some were my subordinates or supervisors. Some are random bonds forged over many glasses of wine at random places.

Our friendships have survived geography, jobs, marriages, divorces, relationships. Often it has survived even the relationships who were the links that led to our the introductions.

Reminding me that these loud women who are driving me crazy are actually blessed and lucky. And I hope that they get to repeat lunches like this many times.

I know that's what I'd want in my sequel...