Sneak peek at the book cover!

I’ve had so many folks ask to see it, that I need to give you a peek  :)

My dad is an incredible artist – architect by training, I think he can draw ANYTHING. I’ve seen him do sketches on the back of a box with a pencil that look more like the person he’s sketching than the real person!

It’s awe-inspiring.

Working with him on the concept was fun too – especially since he’s not yet read the book! (That is being kept under wraps still, even from him!) But talking about the characters and the story and my own personal history… we ended up with several concepts.

He tossed all those out and painted this on the fly one morning. (Well, painted it over a photo he took that morning.)

And when I got to his house, all I could think was “It’s perfect!”

We’ve been playing with graphics and coloring (versions with darker backgrounds and colors.) But this is the one ;)

Book cover art