My Father's Husband: A Novel
By Elloise Bennett


Celia Booker is a successful, strong, confident, career-woman who has all her ducks lined up just right. Work – Love – Marriage – Apartment with a view – It’s all there. Adulthood. Celia finally feels like she has ‘conquered’ the past of being a child of divorce, the child of a father who went from loving her mom… to loving men.

But life is about to shift beneath Celia. She is about to learn hard lessons about love, and she will have to re-learn what family means. Because when the strong, capable Celia needs a shoulder to cry on, she discovers that a woman is never too grown up to need fatherly advice. As she builds a relationship with a father she has had no contact with in a decade, she struggles to save her own relationship. As she faces lessons on love and marriage, she also is also faced with the new family member in her world: Her father’s husband.