My Father's Husband: A Novel
By Elloise Bennett


How do you deal with the discovery that your father is gay? How do you deal with the challenges of marriage and relationships? Where do you turn as an adult when the world just doesn’t make sense any more and is overwhelming?

Celia Booker learns that no matter how successful we are, we sometimes need a father-figure. As she travels thousands of miles to gain clarity on her crumbling marriage, she discovers guidance from an unusual source which teachers her about love, acceptance and forgiveness.

This is the story of love, family, marriage, forgiveness and growing up even when you are all grown up.


They say art imitates life, or something of that nature. But the truth is, sometimes life inspires art. This book is a blending of life and inspiration. All characters names have been changed. 

Some characters feel more real than others. Some things happened exactly as written. Others I had to simplify and fictionalize to not bore the poor reader with the details of life that is sometimes far more complex and complicated than fiction ever could imagine.

I'll leave you to decide which is which.

I started writing this when my own marriage was taking a deep nose dive and I needed a way to process what I was feeling, seeing, and hearing. This is a story of family and learning from each other. We keep learning and we keep figuring out life and the maze it leads us through. 

And thankfully, it's much easier with so many father figures around!

This is not specifically a story about gay marriage. And yet it is. It's a story of how marriage, any marriage, is an example of how people interact. How people love. 

Are you open to love and LOVING?